Oktoberfest’s travel tale!

Idea to travel for Oktoberfest

It was born long before the travel itself,  the idea of spending a different weekend tickled us. We wanted to drink some draught beer, different from the usual and discover the flavor of historical and original BRANDS.

Preparation of the Journey.

A short search on the internet gave us a chance, to find a good trip at a cheap price. One of the best website I’ve found is, which has plenty of answers to curiosity and information about the party. We chose a bus trip with hotel already selected by the agency, so you don’t have thoughts of drinking beer without the worry of alcohol testing.
Club Magellan is the travel agency, that connected with the aforementioned information Site. I have been able to speak with them several times during the organization of the trip: they are friendly and helpful staff, always ready to find a solution to the Customer’s Requests. They are so good, that has become my reference for travel by bus to europe, because it offers departures from every regions of Italy.

To Bavaria’s Munich.

Travel solution chosen was the one with an overnight stay.
Departure Friday afternoon was from the required stop, near the town of dwelling. It was very convenient to short travel times, rather than go to the region’s capital.
Bus trip from Tuscany to Munich it is necessary to equip yourself to pass the time, since the duration is about 10-12 hours and it varies according to the starting city. Just get a good book and pillow for the night, in fact to minimize the times, favoring workers and reducing costs, the journey is nocturnal. I personally did not get bored, even though I had no books to read. The travel attendant and the people, who went up to every stop, were fun and friendly. I got to know about the people who are still good friends.

Morning at Oktoberfest.

Next morning we stopped at the bus parking lot, we wrote a little reminder to find it, as the square is large and entirely dedicated to buses. Reach the fair area is not immediate, but we just follow the main avenue, on which you can linger for a good breakfast.

When we entered the fair we took pictures and looked for the entrance of a shed that could interest us. We have tasted beer with the famous Brezel, here in giant version and with beer proportioned to the size of the typical Bavarian bread. The atmosphere from the climatic point of view is pleasant, although it is good to bring some more clothes the climate is cooler than in Italy.

Afternoon’s Guided tour of Bavaria’s Munich

In the afternoon we decided to attend the guided tour of Munich, the bus took us through the streets of the city. It showing us the most interesting points to visit with explanation of their history. We had to make a stop in the center of Munich and visit a palace. The last stop was at the Royal Palace of Monaco but to its description i will dedicate a subsequent article.

Evening at fair.

Back at the fair the people are friendly, you will find many tourists from various parts of the world, but also the locals are. For those who like me can speak English it is sometimes possible to find people who like to converse, the Germans still prefer to speak mostly with people who know german language.
One episode, I like to tell, is that i had the opportunity to speak with a young german girl, She stop at one of those stalls that serve hot food, to know some typical foods. She had just ordered a dish that looked like a round dome, it was a cheese dish of which unfortunately I can’t remember the name.

Check in at hotel and return trip.

Tired of the party, and not inclined to entreat in a shed and make another row, we started on the way back. It was possible to linger at a local pub, then we proceeded to the bus at the meeting time to go to the hotel. The rooms in the hotel were quite large and comfortable. The next morning as scheduled we prepared for the return after breakfast in the hotel.

The return was a great way to get to know other people on the trip, with whom it was not possible to interact the night before. Two girls present in the last photo are Lara Machado (influencer Instagram) and Giselly Scarso (model and influencer Instagram), you can follow them on Instagram and on Facebook. I hope to have way to return soon to the party. Everyone of you are interested can contact me for advice or travel bookings or see the trips available on the site of Club Magellan.


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