This website is born by creative expression of the author, in order to facilitate comparison for personal and professional growth. Relationships between different cultures, knowledge, identities and experiences are amplified by new technologies. Only awareness can foster a new way of conceiving well-being and growth.

What do I do?

The blogger is the one who runs a web log, a diary on the net. The blog is a tool to communicate that allows a richer, more permanent and customizable writing than the feeds of news inside Social networks. Blog articles are divided into three main categories and one concerning the changes or updates to the site.

The Webmaster is responsible for the website and its update. In past, and still in case of the freelancer, coincides with the owner of the site who has in charge all the management. The web has evolved and in companies there are different professional figures that deal with management of Web managers. To learn more you can view the Projects.

Personal assistant for information research and in-depth study within the reference categories. Writing and drawing of content, social network management, implementation of blogs and websites. Services such as hosting content from other authors or bloggers and dissemination of other projects as relevant to the site’s themes.

Website Guide


It collects articles about different sectors, articles based on the knowledge and personal experience of the author or authors, with the same organizational and design will.


This part treats instead of projects already implemented since the birth of this web site until today. You can find a detailed description of categories and a page dedicated to the status of the site: under maintenance.


Describes the possibilities of assistance and which way in they are carried out. The services are subdivided by category even some are cross others are specific.


The first pages concern the normative referents of the activity of the Web site, there are found treaties: Notes and Disclaimer, privacy and cookies policy. The last page presents the author or authors and the contacts.


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