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The page shows current or developing Projects, carried out by occasional activities. It Follows a description of the three main categories and individual projects.

Interculture and communication

This category addresses topics such as culture, entertainment and communication, aggregating projects of different professionals or amateurs. The line directive wants to propose to the reader a more urgent reflection on his personal identity, questioned by the rapid development of the technology, and on his own way of communicating. All through the promotion of events and the use of video and graphics, between reality and image. Read the page.

Computer Engineering and Marketing

This category describes web-related projects. It first Deals with the tools useful for its construction, paying attention to communication and digital marketing. Subsequently, it Will be taken into account the computer science evaluating old and new technologies, from the point of view hardware and software. Finally, a glance at the videogame industry cannot be missed. Read the page

Nursing and Integrated Medicine

This category wants to talk about welfare from a nursing and holistic point of view in the broad sense of the term. Holistic is related both to the evaluation of the person in his physiological and psychological needs and to alternative medicines derived from other cultures. The approach of medicine, in the continuous technological and scientific development, is to study and integrate the aspects of proven efficacy. Read the page

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