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Web Manager Profession

He is a consultant who is aimed at customers to realize their projects. It takes advantage of the project management technique. It is the reference of various professional figures and works either inside a web agency or outside. The Web Manager has a general technical competence, as well as performing coordination functions in the work team and in relation to the customer, so it needs high communicative skills. It is a figure regulated in Italy by the unregulated professional activity, regulated under Law 14/1/2013, No. 4 (G.U. 26/1/2013, No. 2)
It is a new profession and it is a figure not well defined, this figure change depending on dimension of companies. In big companies Project Manager work on his whole function, in small companies the project manager and the Web designer coincide, in the case of the individual professional is represented by the Webmaster.

Who i am.

Who am i? Andrea Giovannelli alias Drew Youngson i took my Art High School diploma in 1999. I persevered my path very varied experience with training and profession in the field of communication or human contact, that still the main activities, actually i am in a program for nursing degree. I obtained the professional graduation of “Qualified technician in programming web applications” in 2008. For information and contact you can read my Gravatar profile.

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The articles in the blog are grouped by topics covered on the basis of knowledge and personal experience of the author or authors. It are as wide as possible because the organizational and communication activities are components cross To professionals and companies. You can find in the menu the various topics covered.


This part of the deal instead the projects already put in place or in the process of construction since the birth of the new website to today.


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