Cameron leaves. England facts are begin of a new identity search of Europe?

There is another fact that will enter the history of the world! You can read it against brexit or for brexit point of view. For example: being europe means an attempt at peace, free movement of people and goods, against equating of goods and people and a predominantly monetary banking units to which all must conform. Being independent state keeps its own sovereignty and from time to time chioise the kind of relations between states, a controlled movement on the basis of protection of the individual rights. Against part is it: to have more difficulties in the relationship between states. The Europe looking only for a new identity, where the law of Europe state does not prevail over the single state, every state will look for another united Europe? Everything is changing unpredictably and this leads to change the way in being citizens of Europe and also identity and value of the people. Do it is a simple historical change? Globalization, holism and multiculture are the begin of an anthropological revolution?



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